All the Black Beauty Companies

Welcome! This List has been collected since 2015 officially and I’m glad I can be sharing it with you guys. Whenever you are looking for black items to keep the black dollar . I have them divided into categories for easy access. being the type of product, affordability, and quality scale. I’ll go more in depth about my grading scale in another post.

Some brands can overlap with the types of items they sell, and in the separated list I plane on adding the ones with sell the same items, as opposed to their top selling items. 

This is really helping myself as well as yourself, since I plan on owning an all black beauty collection. SHOP THE LIST. It’ll stay pinned and updated. I’ll also separate the list for easier access.


  1. Makeup 
  2. Skin Care
  3. Hair Care
  4. Jewelry
  5. Wellness
  6. Fashion
  7. Nails
  8. Home Decor
  9. Cleaning and other home products
  10. Food: restaurants and grocery stores
  11. Media: Art, Apps, education
  12. Encompassing: All in one sites
Nene femhealth spring Blossom pallet
  1. Makeup:


Black Radiance:

Black Opal:

Black Up cosmetics:

Iman Cosmetics:

Loe Cal Cosmetics:

Lust and Loyalty:

Baddie Cosmetics:

Candy Ice couture:

Median price range:

Ambrosia Cosmetics:

Fashion Killa Cosmetics:

jLarue cosmetics:

Glit Your Life:

Snobb Queen Cosmetics:

September Rose Cosmetics:

Luxx Glamm Cosmetics:

Lid Lush:

Fixate Cosmetics:

Hue Noir:

Prime Beauty cosmetics:

Zanzi Beauty:

The Crayon Case:

AKS luxe:

Nagi Cosmetics:

Beauty Strike:

Blot Beauty Cosmetics:

Ordained Beauty:

Juvias Place:

Magnolia Makeup:

Makeup For Melanin Girls:

KayLux Cosmetics:


High End:

Mented Cosmetics:

Fenty Beauty:


Gold Label Cosmetics:

Beauty Bakerie:

MDM flow :

Illuminate Life cosmetics:

Marjani Beauty:


Luv and Company:

Elizabeth Renee cosmetics:

Coloured Raine:

The Lip Bar:

Vera Moore Cosmetics:

Plaine Jane Beauty:

        2. Skin Care:


Bellas Beauty Essentials:

Cocoa Beauty Cosmetics:

Original Origins:

Love Bombd:

Serenity Scent Bar:

Nubian Heritage:


The Delicate fox:

Base Butter:

Median price range:

Aya’de Health and Beauty:

Anita Grant:

Shea Butter Cottage:

Earthen Escapes:

Red Rose Naturals:

My Minimo:

Breed Love Beauty co:

Ancient Cosmeticz:

Papa Rozier Farms:

Butter Me Up Goods:


MoonX Cosmetics:

Orma SkinCare:

Delightful Botanicals:

Jovi Shai Beauty:

Blaine Lorenn :

Ajike Shea Center:

Lueur Organics:

High End:

Elle Johnson:

Cocoa Shea:

Diamonds By Dominque:

My Butter Skin Bar:


Yelle Skincare:

Cindsational Creation:

Nola Skin Essentials:

Marla Rene Luxe Skincare:

RandR Luxury:

Chae Skin Care:


Brown and Coconut:

Ayele & Co:

Lauren Napier:

True Moringa:

Jade and Fox:

3. Hair care


Median Price Range:

High End:

4. Jewelry and Accessories


Median Price Range:

High End: