This is the makeup portion of the site where you can find black owned make up brands. I’m constantly updating so make sure you guys check periodically!


Black Radiance:

Black Opal:

Black Up cosmetics:

Iman Cosmetics:

Loe Cal Cosmetics:

Lust and Loyalty:

Baddie Cosmetics:

Candy Ice couture:

Median price range:

Ambrosia Cosmetics:

Fashion Killa Cosmetics:

jLarue cosmetics:

Glit Your Life:

Snobb Queen Cosmetics:

September Rose Cosmetics:

Luxx Glamm Cosmetics:

Lid Lush:

Fixate Cosmetics:

Hue Noir:

Prime Beauty cosmetics:

Zanzi Beauty:

The Crayon Case:

AKS luxe:

Nagi Cosmetics:

Beauty Strike:

Blot Beauty Cosmetics:

Ordained Beauty:

Juvias Place:

Magnolia Makeup:

Makeup For Melanin Girls:

KayLux Cosmetics:


High End:

Mented Cosmetics:

Fenty Beauty:


Gold Label Cosmetics:

Beauty Bakerie:

MDM flow :

Illuminate Life cosmetics:

Marjani Beauty:


Luv and Company:

Elizabeth Renee cosmetics:

Coloured Raine:

The Lip Bar:

Vera Moore Cosmetics:

Plaine Jane Beauty: