I just got wind that some of the of the brand that we know and love are in fact: NOT BLACK OWNED.

yup these are included are 

  1. Black Radiance brand by Markwins
  2. Black Opal 
  3. Sacha Cosmetics and….
  4. Black Up cosmetics

I have a very big problem with this… because these companies are misrepresenting themselves and tend to be more readily available for consumption than the average black owned brand. I can’t just go into sephora and pick up Mented cosmetics, and although I love having packages mailed,  I’m not a fan of shipping(so sue me).

Black people are not in the position to willy nilly give our money to outside resources. African communities around the world are the POOREST although we have the most resources.

It’s something about people from other cultures who believe we are so dumb as to do whatever they say just because they said it.

And even though the team over at Black Radiance is black managed I cannot allow myself to go on promote it as a black owned product.

I’ve always known of Iman Cosmetics having our back before anybody else thought about us. So that’s i’ll be mostly endorsing from now on.

I hope you guys can understand.  Comment below any of the other non black owned brands representing itself as black owned.